Covering and Surrounding- Geometry Notes

Rectangles and Squares: area = lw, perimeter = 2l + 2w, when l =  length, w = width.

The closer to square a shape is the greater the area and the less the perimeter. 

Polygon- closed figure with straight sides.

Vertex - where to sides meet

Right Angle- 90 degrees

Perpendicular lines are two lines that form a right angle


Base - the side a triangle seems to rest on

Height - the perpendicular distance from the vertex opposite the base to the base.

area = bh/2, when b= base and h= height

perimeter = s + s + s, when s = side

 Any side can be used as a base and the area will be the same.

A Family of Triangles are triangles with the same base and height, therefore the same area.

Given three sides lengths only triangle can be formed.
Given three angles an infinite number of triangles can be formed. 


area = bh, when b = base and h=height 

perimeter = s+s+s+s

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