6th Grade Math Expectations Letter

It is your responsibility to do your best work. To do this you must come to class prepared, be considerate of your fellow classmates, participate, and follow all directions carefully. It is the teacher’s responsibility to provide you with experiences that allow you to develop the skills you need to succeed. Your teacher will not give you assignments beyond your abilities but you will be challenged so that you can grow intellectually. To realize these expectations you must:

1. Write down assignments daily in your agenda, when you are absent check my web page at EHMS’s website. These assignments are posted every day, if they are not there or not clear to you please contact your math buddy.

2. Take your homework assignments seriously, do your best, be neat and be ready at the beginning of class.

3. If you have trouble with an assignment or it takes more than 20 minutes have your parent sign the work and you will receive full credit. However it is your responsibility to see me set up a time to meet as soon as possible to clarify any problems.

4. You are responsible for all missed work, notes and assignments if you are not in class for any reason. See the teacher as soon as possible upon your return for missed assessments.

5. Participate during class in a positive, productive manner to contribute to an effective learning environment.

Classroom Procedures and Behavior

· Arrive on time, passes required for late entry.

· Enter the room in a quiet orderly manner, if the teacher is not present wait quietly in the hall.

· Be prepared with all necessary materials (you may not return to your locker) supplies.

· Be respectful of your teachers and classmates, listen and be considerate.

· Be supportive of others in what you say and do.

· Clean up after yourself, throw out trash and return manipulatives.

· Ask questions anytime you are not clear on what to do, if you are troubled others probably have questions too.



Grades are available on Parent Portal-Genesis (accessible on Hoppock's homepage). Your grade is calculated using a point system, values as follows:


Tests 60 points

Quizzes 20 points

Alternative Assessment (IXL, Spiral Review, other) 5 points each

Homefun 1 point per assignment

There will be quizzes throughout each unit and a test at the end of the unit.

IXL will be assigned on weekly, the student must answer a minimum of 20 questions and achieve a grade of 80%. If the student is having problems see the teacher for assistance. Students are given their username and password in school; please see the teacher with any problems logging on.

There will be quizzes throughout each unit and a test at the end of the unit.

Homework will be checked daily. To receive full credit homework must be neat and complete; a missed assignment is accepted for half credit the next dayunless a parent note explaining the delay accompanies it.

Class participation involves a positive, productive manner in class discussion, sharing outside relevant information and showing a positive attitude.

Being prepared for class means having all your supplies including a hard 3-ring binder (1") with current math textbook in it and calculator.

If you or your parents need to contact me the best way is email at mbunting@btschools.org or call the school 479-6336 ext. 2704.

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