About Sra. Andrian-Castillo

Churros en Salamanca



I love teaching because I love learning, and none of us is a finished product. Ever.

-Amy Smith

I am Sra. Andrian-Castillo and it is my pleasure to be your child’s Spanish teacher. I am the U.S.-born child of Cuban immigrant parents. I was raised in a primarily Spanish speaking home in Morris County suburbia. Therefore, Spanish was my first language and I consider myself to be Hispanic. AlthoughNew Jersey has always been home for me, I have been blessed to have lived and/or studied inPuerto Rico,Ecuador and Spain and to have also traveled to Cuba to visit family.

I graduated from Montclair State College (now 
MontclairState University!) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (concentration in Nutrition) and worked for several years as a dietitian and medical technician.

I was very fortunate to attend the University of Salamanca, located in the Castilla de la Mancha region of Spain. This university dates back to 1218 and is the oldest and also one of the most prestigious universities

in Spain. In addition to being the oldest university in the country, La Universidad de Salamanca was also the first university in Spain to create Spanish language courses for foreign students. Its first program dates back to 1929. It was here at the Universidad de Salamanca thatI earned my Masters Degree in the Spanish language and culture.

Thanks to the state of New Jersey’s Provisional teacher training program, I was first certified as an elementary teacher and later as a K-12 Spanish teacher. I have had the pleasure of teaching Spanish at both Good Shepherd Christian Academy in Washington, New Jersey and then here at Ethel Hoppock Middle School since 2003. I was honored to be chosen as E.H.M.S.'s Teacher of the Year for the 2008-09 school year.