Andrian-Castillo, Sra. Alane
I am Sra. Andrian-Castillo and it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to be your Spanish teacher. In the classroom, I will help you to discover the many charms of the Hispanic and Latino cultures and people, and teach you the language acquisition strategies that will facilitate your efforts to communicate in Spanish.
Since you will be expected to speak mostly in Spanish during class, the  Useful Words/Phrases to Know handout will help you ask the most common questions and answer them too.
The  A Word of Explanation 2016 handout describes what you will need to do to get better at using only Spanish in class.
At the beginning of each year, I like to take some time to get to know more about you. Usually, I ask my students to complete a Getting to Know You questionnaire and to participate in icebreaker activities in class. Starting 2016, this questionnaire will be available online as a Google Form. If you are one of my 2016-17 students, click here to complete the form.
Make it your goal to become very familiar with my teacher web pages; they can be a lifeline for you. You need to sign in to this school website or you will not have access to all of the content that I have available for students. There are video lessons and PowerPoint presentations to help you review, a homework page for when you are absent, class content and study guide pages, pages with student work and student videos. There are also many links to other websites that can provide you with practice and help.