Battle of the Books 2019

Battle of the Books is a program that encourages students to read a variety of interesting books by outstanding authors of children’s literature from a variety of genres.  All 7th and 8th grade students have been encouraged to join.

The competition will be held in the spring of 2019 at the Readington Township Middle School where our teams will answer questions based on the books they will be reading starting with our first meeting in November. Students are expected to keep notes on all books read—it is imperative that they all do so as they are reading to ensure they can recall important details long after they have finished a book.  

There are no official rules as there were in Reading Olympics:

“We don’t have anything written up about rules.  It’s a Jeopardy style game with 4 different Jeopardy boards.  There are categories with questions related to the books.  The values of the questions start at $100 and go up to $500 (the higher the points, the more difficult the question).  In the past, we’ve had two teams competing in a room (like Reading Olympics).  We usually pick numbers to see who goes first.  That team asks for the first question.  If they get it wrong the other team can steal the points and then goes next.  It goes back and forth until the whole board is finished.  We count up the money at the end to see who has the most points. To start out we don’t deduct points if they get a question wrong, but sometimes that is done for the final round.  It’s more laid back than Reading Olympics, but essentially it is similar—read a list of titles then get quizzed on your knowledge of the books.  The format is just different because the questions are formatted into categories, and the students get to pick which category they want.”

Unfortunately, this is a teacher-student only event; due to space limitations, parents do not attend.

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