Comparing and Scaling Notes

We make comparisons using:

1. Ratios, comparing part to part or part to whole ratios, ratios can be simplified to make them easier to understand.

2. Difference, subtracting then using a more than statement.

3. Percent, comparing both values as out of 100 


Proportion - setting to ratios equal to each other. They can be solved by scaling, using a factor to move from one ratio to another.

4  x4=  16

5  x4=  20

You can solve a proportion by cross-multiplying and then divide by coefficient of x.

 4  =  16

5        x

4x = 80

 4      4



Unit Rate is a rate in which the second number (usually written as a denominator) is 1, or 1 of a quantity.

For example, 50 miles/ hour.

Constant of Proportionality is the constant ratio of two proportional quantities, x and y; usually written by y=kx, where k is the constant of proportionality. 


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