Bios, Wills & 8th Grade Photos

Yearbook Pictures, Bios & Wills
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8th grade students


We need a few things from you for the yearbook!


DUE DATE: April 9th


Yearbook is in need of pictures, Bios and wills.



We need your faces - not current ones but younger ones - one from when you were a baby and one of your favorite pictures. The baby photo will be used for a Guess Who? page and you favorite picture will go next to this year’s photo.  Please submit your photos to Mrs. Swenson in person or electronically ( If you are going to turn them in in person, please put your first and last name on the back (or place them in an envelope with your name) so we know who you are and can return them.  



Compose your bio in third person and in paragraph form. Consider the following questions when completing your bio.

  • Include your NAME
  • What were you involved in? (school activities, clubs, sports/rec. sports)
  • What do you enjoy doing? (free-time, hobbies, family or friend time, etc.)
  • Whom do you look up to the most?
  • What was your fondest Hoppock memory? (short and sweet)
  • What’s your favorite type of music or artist/musician?
  • What is your favorite food or type of food?



You may also include ONE thing to leave behind to someone!


I do hereby leave__________ to _____________.


Please keep Bios/Wills to 60 words MAX! If no bio or will is submitted the area next to your picture will be blank.


Bios and Wills will only be accepted via google classroom.

Classroom code is 

All are DUE: April 9th

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